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Noor Islam Kabel

Noor Islam Kabel

Bookkeeping worries? Come tax season, you don’t want to look for a good accountant!

Hire the services of a skilled bookkeeper and accountant pursuing the Chartered Accountant degree from ACCA. I have worked with leading businesses and organizations for over 3 years.

My expertise lies in guiding entrepreneurs to take the right decision for growth and scalability. You will find me among the top profiles on Upwork, with over 60 successful projects and 58 five-star ratings.

I can manage regular bookkeeping duties like payroll accounting, accounting receivable, accounting payable, and more.

Additionally, I excel as an accounting consultant and possess competency in accounting services like:

  • Financial planning & analysis
  • Strategic development
  • Risk management
  • Internal & external audit


Want Growth? And Clean Books?

Yes, I help businesses achieve growth. With me, you get to save your effort, costs, taxes and improve your bottom line.

Bookkeeping may seem tough. Let me make it easy – and save you money. I can easily identify opportunities where your business may win a competitive edge over your rivals.

Streamline your bookkeeping. Transition online.

My accounting services are perfect for technologically-driven businesses. I’m a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and ideal for QuickBooks payroll, accounting, and other bookkeeping services.

Clients can enjoy guaranteed results and timely deliveries by leveraging my QuickBooks certified services.

The Xero accounting, QuickBooks Expert, and certified Xero Advisor You Need

Businesses can rely on me for all online accounting services and bookkeeping with full confidence. Need someone to fill in your QuickBooks accounts? Or, someone to advise you on your small business accounting needs?

I am your expert when it comes to cloud accounting and virtual bookkeeping.

Someone Who’s Already Been There

I’m already experienced in working with businesses of all sizes. I have contributed to the success of organizations like the Bangladesh Cricket Board and ACNABIN Chartered Accountants.

In addition, I’m a top accounting specialist on Upwork and have collaborated with clients from over 9 countries. That’s more than 1,500 working hours on the platform – a testimony to why clients love my services.

The Bookkeeping Support You Need

My soft skills also make me a top contender in the world of freelance bookkeepers. I excel at teamwork but can handle leadership roles with complete adeptness. My skills also include creative thinking and quick problem-solving to provide the right solutions to your problems.

Moreover, I’m good at negotiating and can act as your guide. You can gain complete visibility of your finances and access accurate information to make sound financial decisions.

Contact me today to discuss your project or know how I can help your business.

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